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Login problem

Good day. I'm trying to login to my pay statement but it won't let me. I put in my driver code and comdata fuel card number and still won't let me log in and it won't let me change the password when I click the ( forgot password) link. Thank you David Galvan Driver code: GALVD


Cardinal-admin - Mar 10, 2021

Hey David, you will need to reach out to payroll tomorrow about this. They open at 8am Eastern time. 704-789-2000 X 111300

CVAC64ToML - Mar 17, 2021

So, how about fixing this problem for everyone? seems to be an issue.

Cardinal-admin - Mar 18, 2021

Not everyone is having this problem so this needs to be address individually. If you are please do the same by reaching out to payroll for assistance.

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