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Hourly driver traveling out of town, meals ?

For a couple years I have been working on out of town routes involving hotels. Meals never reimbursed with original manager as with most companies. Makes sense as most my life I have packed food to consume while waiting at a dock or some trucks have mini fridge in the sleeper. No big deal as industry normal. Sooner I complete route, more deliveries during business hours, sooner I am done. Loaned out to another cost center. Manager whom insists on receipts for travel time to lunch and lunch itself to be reimbursed. Never been much for wasting 30-90 minutes of business hours on steak and lobster even on the company dime. The sandwich I made will get me through the end of business hours to complete deliveries. Drivers have to be On-Duty Driving to travel to lunch anyway. Manager I am loaned to seemed confused I did not want it. I am confused as I am not on salary and limited to ever running 14hr clock to complete deliveries between limits of 8am and 5pm . So I am confused as well as to corporate's policy ???


Cardinal-admin - Apr 26, 2021

Without knowing all details it appears the CC you have been loaned out to is trying to be a nice person and show gratitude. Maybe they are not thinking about the time but wants to show how much they appreciate your help. As far as a corporate policy goes, I will have to look into this. Each CC runs slightly different based on the client.

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