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511/ webcams…...  truck tracking map/Lytx

I often use 511 road conditions map and webcam icons to attempt to predict what time I need to depart on my 400+ mile route to try to arrive at my first stop on time. Cardinals truck tracking map shows all sorts of data from the truck on that map ( example, speed ). I also often activate LYTX camera during slow or stopped driving conditions on the freeway rather than being bogged down with explanations ( understandable though with a few bad apples making up fictional events ). A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a hundred pictures . QUESTION,,,,,With all the data the truck uploads to the tracking map it seems like a simple sub routine to drop a icon link on tracking map? Each time the trucks LYTX camera is activated when speed at that time/location is uploaded ?


Cardinal-admin - Mar 1, 2021

Hi, I reached out for advice on this and what I was told based on what they thought you were saying,these are two separate systems that do not work together at this time.

idahopuma - Mar 12, 2021

Ah , no problem. Thought it was like google map where point can have link to a non google page address like Cardinal address page has link buttons to non-cardinal web addresses. But hopeful as you said , at this time 😉

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