Drivers Required to Carry DOT Physical Card Until Jan 2015
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All Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers MUST keep a PAPER COPY of their DOT Physical card on their person anytime they are operating a CMV, and it must be presented to law enforcement or DOT inspectors upon request, up until January 30, 2015 (NEXT YEAR)
Originally the requirement to carry the paper copy of the medical/physical card was to end on 1/30/2014 but as mentioned above it has been DELAYED until 1/30/2015

Why must a driver keep that paper dot physical card with them until 1/30/2015?
Not all States will be able to identify electronically if a driver’s medical/physical card is valid by the 1/30/2014 deadline. Due to these few States being slow to get their systems up and running the requirement for carrying a paper medical/physical card ensures that drivers will not be placed out of service or fined IF the States electronic system is unable to confirm a driver’s medical/physical card is valid.

By now, each of you should have “self-certified” your CDL driving status with your state. If you have not yet “self-certified”, you should contact your state to see if your CDL has been suspended or revoked.

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