Driver Training

Usernames are computer generated by JJ Keller.Remember to open a web browser outside of MyWorkSpace if using a Cardinal computer.The first time an employee has training assigned, the employee will receive a notification email with the website link, and a username and temporary password. *Employee will enter Username and Temp Password the first time and create a Permanent Password before going into the classroom for training. * Ø If the employee does not receive the email, please make sure they check their spam folder. Ø If we do not have an email address for the employee, their Manager’s email address will be listed.

If you are new to the Training website, please review all five steps of the following instructions BEFORE you click on the training link on the next line.

Step 1: Click here for JJK Training

Step 2: Type in your Username and Password - You will then need to confirm your identity, and click on the "Go to Classroom" button.

Step 3:

  • Select a Topic in the Classroom Section.

  • Choose a topic and open by clicking on the + symbol to the left of the topic.

Step 4:

  • Start the video by clicking on the symbol. The video will play until it is completed.

Step 5: Take the Test

  • Test questions will appear automatically following the video.

  • Answer all questions to complete training.

  • Once you have passed the test, the training will be removed from your classroom.

Click Below to see the 2022 JKK Training Guide

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